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WETNET technology is based on an innovative low cost flow-meter and control system that enables European water companies to improve greatly their capacity to control distribution networks in detail, cutting energy costs and emissions and making better use of water resources.

WETNET has been designed for flexibility, incremental deployment and size (number of sensors) scalability, co-existence and/or integration with existing measurement and control systems - including communication infrastructures - minimal maintenance during an acceptable operational life time, to be replaceable and have a very low impact at end-of-life. WETNET systems allow fine-grained, precise, timely data collection. They are easy to deploy, as in-pipe sensors can be installed during normal operations, allowing reliable installation also by non-specialized staff. WETNET configured as Software-as-a-Service solution, is especially attractive for small organisations that could benefit from a high degree of control on their distribution networks that would be otherwise impossible.

WETNET Summary

Programme: CIP Eco-innovation - First application and market replication projects

Call Identifier: CIP-EIP-Eco-Innovation-2012 

Project title: Innovative in-pipe hot-tap insertion floW sEnsor plus smarT NETworks enable ecowise pervasive monitoring of water distribution grids

Project Acronym: WETNET

Contract number:  ECO/12/332771 WETNET

Coordinating Beneficiary: B.R.E. Electronics Ltd.- Arena Metato

 San Giuliano Terme (PISA) - IT

Project start: 1st July 2013

Project duration: 3 years

Total Budget: 952.814 € EACI contribution: 476.406 €

The WETNET project is bringing to market an innovative low cost flow-meter and control system to enable the European water companies to improve greatly their capacity to master distribution networks in detail, cutting down energy costs and emissions and making better use of the resource.

The system has been designed to allow flexibility, incremental deployment and size (number of sensors) scalability, co-existence and/or integration with existing measurement and control systems - including communication infrastructures - minimal maintenance during an acceptable operational life time, to be replaceable and have a very low end-of-life impact. WETNET supervisory services allow a wide range of data elaboration and presentations (from simple alerts to simulations and predictions) to support decisions.

The WETNET flow-meter, the communication subsystem (RTU and networking) and supervisory software are conceived to comply with market needs and certification-accreditation requirements and the European Technology Verification.

WETNET Customers

WETNET scalability and flexibility makes it fit for major operators as well as for small municipality services.

Running a network efficiently requires fine-grained, precise, timely data to take decisions based on solid evidence. Until now in-pipe measurement has been treated as exceptional. Very precise, very costly, very difficult to install. Or movable, easy to install and remove, but manned and costly.

When a network is created from scratch a number of solutions can be experimented. Not so when pipes are of different age and type, when networks are managed with different approaches. What is needed is a solution that fits seamlessly in water operators' daily work. Similarly maintenance and replacement must be easy and cheap. Other relevant issues are flexibility, in terms of configuration and resolution, and scalability in terms of degree of delegation and automation. Last but not least comes cost.

Maintenance of water supply networks is also a key factor in water resource conservation, especially when piping networks are very old. When budget fall short for pipe replacement, sustaining or improving supply network efficiency require reducing the leak, which in turn need better monitoring. In addition, to date, at least 11% of the European population and 17% of EU territory have experienced water scarcity-related problems, which makes high leakage rates even more unacceptable.


Work programme

WETNET work programme is arranged intol groups of activities:

  • activities for good management of the contract including management that runs along the whole project's life,under the responsibility of the coordinator, BRE; and Dissemination Activities by Ingegnerie Toscane, aiming to spread the main results and facilitate the implementation of the project.

  • activities that substantiate the project's purpose, including upgrading engineering, production, test and maintenance processes and the ETV certification by BRE, and Ingegnerie Toscane.

Business and market development, involving ITG and Bimatik, complete WETNET work programme.

Technical Description

Converting into Smart Water Networks is the key to enable efficient management of potable water systems; which means making knowledge of the underlying physical water network the basis of everyday decision making. Knowledge is obtained through measuring and its quality depends on proper design, deployment, and management of sensor systems, which are critical for achieving appropriate time and space resolution and the level of efficiency and reliability desired.

WETNET technology is based on a patented flow-meter and control system already installed in water distribution networks.

WETNET configurations allow

  • allow wide flexibility, incremental deployment and size scalability, keeping the system worthwhile from 5 to 500 nodes on pipes 50 to 1000 mm DNwith no infrastructure overhead (in case of web monitoring); WETNET allows full or partial co-existence and/or integration with existing measurement and control systems and communication infrastructures keep error within +/- 2.5% on a scale of 0.25-1000 litres/sec or 1-10 bar;

  • installation of the flow-meter insertion probe using standard hot-tap saddles similar to those for water branch connection, meaning that the device can be put into and taken out of the pipe without shutting off pressure, allowing reliable installation by in-house non-specialized staff on pipes ranging from 50 to 1000 mm DN with little or no site preparation;

  • programmable measurements from 1 per sec to 1 per day in a scale from 0.2 to1000 litres/sec with a tolerance within +/- 2.5%:

  • sensors tolerance to pressure bursts up to 16 bars if immersed;

  • external operating temperatures allowed between -20°C to +60°C;

  • direct linkability to other systems via MODBUS and upper level XML-based protocols;

  • require little or no maintenance (MTBF > 3 years) during an acceptable operational life time (> 5 years), is replaceable and have a very low end-of-life impact;

  • open elaboration capability.

WETNET RTUs perform local data storage and unit conversion.

WETNET Supervisory Services software is capable of configuration and test functions, web based monitoring in standalone mode, interface with ProGea MOVICON SCADA (and others SCADA), asynchronous import/export of data sets. It allows also a wide range of data elaboration and presentations (from simple alerts to simulations and predictions) to support decisions.

Moreover all functions may be accessed also through SaaS (Software as a Service) delivery model. WETNET in SaaS model (WETNET in the cloud) is especially attractive for small organisations that could benefit from a high level of control on their networks otherwise impossible.  

WETNET for other industries

WETNET addresses also pressurized networks in agriculture and processing industry.

In agriculture, for irrigation over large areas, it is important to keep under precise control the performance of the networks to ensure that all lands receive the right quantitative of water for which energy have been spent for pumping.

In processing industry WETNET bring low cost monitoring in response to the rising costs of water and energy: a true solution for pulp, textile , chemical and leather industries.  

Objective & results

The WETNET project brings to market an innovative low cost flow-meter and control system that enables European water companies to improve greatly their capacity to master distribution networks in detail, cutting down energy costs and emissions and making better use of water.

WETNET is going to:

  • implement a full configuration system in Pisa (IT), monitoring the entire distribution network cutting down energy needs and emissions by 843 MWh and 337 tons of CO2, saving 2.3 billion litres of water each year.

  • be supported and distributed throughout Europe starting from Italy, Spain and Portugal.

WETNET for the Environment

WETNET benefits the environment

  • reducing Greenhouse gas emissions

  • cutting water consumption

  • cutting energy consumption

Below you find the figures of the environmental benefit of the WETNET showcase in Pisa.

The system pumps 7,884,000 cubic meters (m3) per year to a prevalence of 12m at 0.357 KWh/m3 accounting for 2,810,695 KWh/year and 1125.12 TCO2/year (400,3 gCO2/kWh data by ISPRA). Leakages computed by calibrated throughput balance account for 75 litre/sec (2,365,200 m3/year). With 50 flow-meters in place. the network monitoring is enough fine-grained to allow precise and timely spotting of leakages.

Reduced water consumption is 2,365,200 m3/year curbing energy demand by 843,209 KWh/year cutting 337.53 TCO2/year (-30% change to baseline).

B.R.E. Elettronica

B.R.E. Elettronica Ltd is a highly specialized SMEs. Since its foundation (1979) it has been designing, producing, installing and maintaining high-reliability remote sensing devices for traffic control, public service facilities, meteorology, agriculture.

B.R.E. Elettronica main products include measurement systems (probes and sensors, transducers, interfaces, signal converters, data logger); data transmission (wired and wireless); embedded systems and integrated systems for acquisition, processing, representation and control (SCADA - supervisory control and data acquisition).

B.R.E. Elettronica is obtaining important achievements in several relevant areas:

  • Water distribution (Control and Automation of wells and tanks, control of water sources, control and automation of water supply networks, river water level control)

  • Treatment (Control of purifiers, control of water lifting units)

  • Energy (Pumping stations and gas distribution Heating Plants, Hydroelectric power plants, systems for energy recovery)

  • Management (Traffic Control and management of traffic lights, remote control of vehicular underpasses, public lighting)

  • Control and Automation of radio link for data and voice transmissions

From 2009 to 2011 B.R.E. Elettronica developed and tested on field a prototype of a flow sensor in collaboration with Ingegnerie Toscane, one of its main customer, and submitted a patent request ("Dispositivo per misurare la portata di un fluido" CCIAA Pisa 31/12/2010 – nr. PI2010A000145).

Ingegnerie Toscane

Ingegnerie Toscane Ltd. was founded in 2010 as a result of the merger between two major Italian engineering companies - Acque Ingegneria Ltd. and Publiacqua Ingegneria Ltd.

Ingegnerie Toscane has extensive experience in the design, control, optimisation of distribution networks and runs the modelling and leakage search department of Acque (Pisa) and Publiacqua (Firenze) and Acquedotto del Fiora (Grosseto) - Tuscany Region, IT - delivering engineering services to water distribution industries serving more than 2 millions people.

Ingegnerie Toscane performs a number of services related to the management of the integrated water cycle: consultancy for design, construction, management and marketing of infrastructure and equipments; engineering, planning, design, and construction management, supervision of contracts and testing.

It is also engaged in the activity of acquisition, maintenance, implementation and management of information systems, geographic information system and remote control systems.

The company was an associate partner of two important EU LIFE projects: the WIZ Project – LIFE 09 ENV/IT/000056 – WaterIZe spatial planning: encompass future drinkwater management conditions to adapt to climate change (2010-2013) and the ASAP Project – LIFE 06 ENV/IT/000255 – Actions for Systemic Aquifer Protection (2006-2009) with a technical and engineering role.


Bimatik Sas is a young and dynamic SME founded in 2008 and taking advantage of the long running experience in the distribution of water and gas sector of its founder, Mr Enrico Stefano Bertocchi. Bimatik integrates advanced solutions in telemetry, remote control, flow measurement, leak detection, and provides technical and regulatory support for activities of cathodic protection, water and sewer network modelling, calibration models.

Bimatik has a sales network in Italy and has distribution agreements with Italian and European suppliers.Bimatik is active in the Italian and Eastern Mediterranean and Balkan countries and will contribute to the partnership mainly developing marketing and sales actions in this direction with the goal of finding distributors capable of developing national sales structures and post-sale services.

Instituto Tecnológico de Galicia - ITG

Fundación Instituto Tecnológico de Galicia is a private not for profit foundation that was set up in 1991 by the Architects, Civil Engineers and Industrial Engineers Associations of Galicia.

It was declared of Galician interest by the Regional Government on June 18th, 1991. Besides the three founding members other entities constitute the Board of the Foundation: Mining Engineers’ Assoc., Galician Technical Industrial Engineers’ Council, Naval and Oceanic Engineers’ Assoc.; Galician Businessmen Confederation, the Research Vice-rectors of A Coruña, Vigo and Santiago de Compostela universities.

ITG is recognized as a technology center for the Ministry of Economic and Competitiveness of the Spain Government (registration number 115) and, in addition, has an Office for Research Results Transfer, recognized by the same national authority (Registration Number 153).

ITG is member of the Spanish Federation of Innovation and Technology Entities (FEDIT), Spanish Quality Association (AEC), Galician Quality Association (AGAC), Construction Data Base Interchange Standard Format National Association (FIEBDC), and founding member of Spanish Value Management Association (FEGEVA).

ITG also participates in many standardization and certification committees of AENOR. ITG belongs of several Nationals Technological Platforms such us INES (Software) ICT for building (“Hogar Digital”). ITG has been designate by BRE Global Ltd. to adapt and manage BREEAM, the world’s leading building sustainability assessment and certification methodology.

ITG’s Training Area has been providing different kind of technical subjects related with Environment, such as “Engineering and Environmental Management Course” and “Master Degree in Quality and Environmental Management”.

Being actively involved in the modelling of water grids (with municipalities and provinces in Galicia) on one side and in the distribution and maintenance of remote sensing devices for application in agriculture, ITG has the perfect mix of sales competencies, sectoral engineering knowledge and organisational sales and post-sale capacity for supporting and servicing WETNET in Spain and Portugal.

Media & Download

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A well-deserved success!

We are proud of the words of EASME-Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises that accompanied the formal closure of WETNET project with the revision of the Final report. Thank you!

Three years of hard work have resulted in a successful project but have mainly created and strengthened ties among partners for a common future

WETNET had the objective to launch an innovative flow sensor inserted into pressurized pipelines that allows operators to significantly improve the ability to control the water distribution networks, reducing energy costs and emissions into the atmosphere and optimizing the use of the resource.

Included among the four European eco-innovative technologies in the treatment and monitoring of water (http://iet.jrc.ec.europa.eu/etv/wetnet) WETNET demonstrated very good effects in the pilot site of Pisa (just take a look to the results on our news of June 15th!) and is continuing its route to market.

After the completion of activities in June 2016, in December the project results were evaluated by EASME, who wrote to the beneficiary a letter that shows how this approach has been rewarding: a sharing view on a common future.

“We would like to use this opportunity to congratulate you with the successful finish of the project and to say thank you for the impeccable execution of the activities and reporting and excellent performance in all aspects of the project”.

The collaboration that works!

EASME LetterEASME letter


WETNET ar the European Water TAG8 in London!​


On 8th November 2016, BRE Elettronica and the partner ITG participated in the  European Water TAG 8 meeting hosted at CCT Venue in Barbican, London, by Isle and a technology and innovation consultancy that brings together technical and commercial specialists and operated worldwide.

Technology Approval Group (TAG) is a global innovation forum of the world’s leading water utilities. The TAG model was first launched in the UK in 2005, and has grown over the years into various parts of the world.

TAG accelerates the market uptake of ‘step-change’ technologies by engaging the industry during the pre-commercial stages of development, and by leveraging external investment from venture capital investors.

WETNET solutions were presented to an audience of interested parties.

After the meeting, participants comments and requests have been discussed in a feedback session with Isle, useful for improving WETNET technical and commercial communication approaches.


Maurizio Creati, Juan Sobreira, Gabriele Masini al Forum European Water TAG8 a Londra - novembre 2016Juan Sobreira al Forum European Water TAG8 a Londra - novembre 2016


WETNET solutions at the II Business meeting for partnerships in water supply, sanitation and wastewater projects

On 27th October 2016, ITG participated in the II Working meeting held in Madrid and dedicated to partnerships for water supply projects, sanitation and wastewater services (II Encuentro empresarial para alianzas en proyectos de abastecimiento, saneamiento y depuración de aguas) organized among others by AQUA ESPAÑA, the Spanish Association of treatment and water management organizations, founded in 1983, which represents and promotes the interests and competitiveness of businesses operating in the water sector.

Goal of the day, that has seen a huge participation of representatives of the public administrations responsible of investment programs in the water sector, general and technical directors of companies developing water projects and dedicated infrastructures, professionals and producers of water technologies, was to facilitate mutual understanding between companies operating in the value chain of projects in this market, to identify synergies and establish competitive alliances.

ITG presented WETNET solutions to distributors of water management technologies and water management companies. 

Juan Sobreira Seoane - (II Encuentro empresarial para alianzas en proyectos de abastecimiento, saneamiento y depuración de aguasMadrid - II Encuentro empresarial para alianzas en proyectos de abastecimiento, saneamiento y depuración de aguas


What future for water management? WETNET at H2O 2016.

After the end of the EU co-funded phase, the WETNET partners continue actively their business activity.

From 19 to 21 October 2016, Bimatik participated in the new edition of H2O - the leading trade fair in Italy for the water services sector, focused on technologies for the treatment and distribution of drinking water and treatment of wastewater - held in Bologna, presenting to potential customers the WETNET solution.

The 2016 edition of H2O recorded a growth of participation of both exhibitors and visitors : an area of ​​over 16 thousand square meters hosted 343 exhibitors and the event recorded an increase of 10% of visits, compared to the previous edition.

77 conferences and workshops were organized during the three days of the fair with a total of 430 reputed keynote speakers and the visit of foreign buyers from 5 countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Serbia and Turkey).

Once again WETNET technology had a prominent moment to demonstrate how this solution matches perfectly new market opportunities in some of the most relevant areas of intervention such as reducing water losses and energy savings and efficiency.

Stand Bimatik ad H2O 2016 - Romano e SostegniStand Bimatik ad H2O 2016
Stand Bimatik ad H2O 2016Stand Bimatik ad H2O 2016
WETNET sulla rivista Servizi a ReteIl gruppo di lavoro WETNET Bimatik e BRE Elettronica con Anna Rodeghiero e Paolo Santinello KlinK Srl


August 8th 2016 : WETNET is officially certified ETV!

After a long process ended in late June,  the JRC (Joint Research Centre) who maintains the pilot program Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) has officially published WETNET  among the list of technologies that have been verified under the ETV Pilot Programme in the Water Treatment & Monitoring area of appication: at the moment there are only 4 eco-innovative technologies within this group. WETNET ETV registration number is VN20160015!

Thanks to the support of the certification body RINA , WETNET was able to demonstrate its value and now ETV represents a credible assurance to potential customers.

On the JRC website at this address  http://iet.jrc.ec.europa.eu/etv/wetnet  you can check the documents prepared during certification activities

Another great success for the partnership!






4-5 August 2016 - After the closure of the co-funded activities, new commercial meetings for the WETNET partnership

The WETNET project is now completed, but the sustainability of the initiative proves successful!

 A few weeks after the official closing, on 4 and 5 August 2016, B.R.E. and Ingegnerie Toscane met in Pisa Tejus Kumar (IT Manager and O & M) and Vijay Sagar (SCADA Manager) of SPML INFRA LTD, a leading Indian engineering company. During the meetings, BRE presented the new WETNET sensors and also other products.

The Indian colleagues have had also the opportunity to see some of the sensors on field located on the  water network of Pisa and to verify the control system of the test rig.

The visit has also included a meeting in Ingegnerie Toscane headquarters with the presentation of the company and a demonstration of WSS software's functioning.





Pisa, 30 June 2016 - A conclusion that marks a new beginning!

Today the WETNET Project officially closed its activities: 3 years of intense work that engaged all partners to achieve the set objectives.

WETNET as a system can boast great results both on the environmental and on market side.

Started on July 1st, 2013, the project was lead by a Consortium capable and cohesive.

B.R.E. Elettronica, coordinator and leader, thanks all the partners - Ingegnerie Toscane, Bimatik and ITG-Instituto Tecnológico de Galicia - for the collaboration and with them, all the staff who participated in the activities.

An opportunity  to remember that the project could not be realized at the scale and with the results achieved without the financial support of EASME and CIP Eco-Innovation Program!

The future of WETNET starts  under good auspices!






Thanks! WETNET


Brussels, 21-23 June 2016 - ITG at Water Innovation Europe 2016

Brilliant conclusion for the WETNET project, thanks to the presence of ITG at Water Innovation Europe 2016, a 3day conference organised in Brussels by WssTPunder the theme 'Water Smart:European Solutions for a smart water society'.

ITG participated in the event with its own stand and presented WETNET results on behalf of the partnership in a conference meeting with more than 150 attendants, but also during dozens informal meetings with SMEs, universities and government agencies of Portugal, Norway, Spain, France, Belgium, the UK, Finland and Sweden.



WssTp - Bruxelles 21-23 June 2016 
WssTp - Bruxelles 21-23 June 2016WssTp - Bruxelles 21-23 June 2016
WssTp - Bruxelles 21-23 June 2016WssTp - Bruxelles 21-23 June 2016


Pisa, 15-16 June 2016 - VII Steering Committee and Final Bridge Event

After two intense working days, the WETNET Project closed its last Steering Committee.

It was an opportunity to assess the work carried out in the past three years by the members of the Consortium, which produced outstanding results.

In very few months of use, on the Pilot test sit of Pisa, the environmental results are more than encouraging:

  • 33.6% reduction of water consumption, with a projected saving of 2,649,000 m3/year of pumped water
  • 37.1% reduction of energy consumption, that correspond with projected 1,043,706 KWh/year
  • 35.9% of greenhouse gas emission, with a projected saving of 414 TCO2/year

Also in terms of market results, WETNET registered relevant results: over 400 prospective customers were qualified both from European markets (Spain, Portugal, France, UK, Ireland, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Poland, Serbia, Croatia, Greece, Cyprus) and non-European countries (from Turkey, Russia, from Brazil to the United States, from Australia to New Zealand, the Philippines to India and China, from Israel to Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco and Tanzania).

Until now, thanks to the fruitful marketing activities of the partnership, the WETNET system has been installed in different locations in Italy (in addition to the pilot site of Pisa in Tuscany, in Umbria, Lazio, Lombardy, Sardinia and Friuli Venezia-Giulia), in France, Serbia and even beyond the borders of Europe in New Zealand, Australia and the Philippines, and received an outstanding welcome.

The Final Bridge event planned the very first steps of the new common future of the WETNET project, few days before its official conclusion.


WETNET VII Steering Committee - PisaWETNET VII Steering Committee - Pisa
WETNET VII Steering Committee - PisaWETNET VII Steering Committee - Pisa
WETNET VII Steering Committee - PisaWETNET VII Steering Committee - Pisa


Bologna, 25th May 2016 - A great result for the future: CLUB WETNET moved its first steps at the WetNet Customer Panel held in Bolonia (IT)

Last 25th May 2016 at the Royal Hotel Carlton in Bologna, the Wetnet Consortium organized a successful customer panel with more than 50 customers and prospects. Participants from water management and engineering companies came from 13 Italian regions, from Piedmont to Friuli Venezia Giulia, from Trentino Alto Adige to Sicily.

The meeting was organized by Bimatik, who is partner of the Wetnet consortium and engaged in sales development actions across Italy and other EU countries. The meeting was open to invited European and international customers. Delta Team Project from Romania participated to the panel.

Decision makers, engineers, technicians and professionals discussed together for a day about strategies to improve water networks management using Wetnet solutions. Enrico Bertocchi opened the symposium linking the modern water distribution concept and the WETNET vision. Oberdan Cei of Ingegnerie Toscane presented the Wetnet system and its functioning and shared with the participants the results coming from the pilot site in Pisa, where Wetnet ETV certification is being finalized.

Simone Assunti - who supported the implementation and development of the Wetner Supervisory Services - described how to integrate Wetnet solutions with business processes of the water management utilities. His speech raised a lot of interest and several questions were asked. BRE, with the project manager Maurizio Creati, arranged a corner in the meeting room to exhibit Wetnet sensors and distribute the relevant technical documentation.

Damasco Morelli, manager of Ingegnerie Toscane, opened the second part of the day, inviting all participants to express their interest not only on Wetnet services and products as they are implemented now, but also toward their future developments. Club Wetnet is being created to involve customers who had already implemented and tested WetNwt solutions in the costruction of the future of water supply management. Signatories of the Expression of Interest marked the start of an international community of experts entrusted to develop knowledge, technologies and practices for the continuous improvement of water networks management. In this occasion, the Wetnet partners proposed a first invitation to join the Wetnet Community and some participants expressed an enthusiastic motivation to participate.

In the next few months, Club Wetnet will put in place first group of activities to bring together competent people who have difficulties to find occasion to meet and to give them a common context to communicate and explore new possibilities, to solve challenging problem, to create new opportunities with mutual advantages.

The slides projected during the meeting, and Club Wetnet application form, are available for download on the Media and Download Section of this Website.

Bologna, Customer Panel maggio 2016Bologna, Customer Panel maggio 2016
Bologna, Customer Panel maggio 2016Bologna, Customer Panel maggio 2016
Bologna, Customer Panel maggio 2016Bologna, Customer Panel maggio 2016
Bologna, Customer Panel maggio 2016Bologna, Customer Panel maggio 2016
Bologna, Customer Panel maggio 2016Bologna, Customer Panel maggio 2016
Bologna, Customer Panel maggio 2016Bologna, Customer Panel maggio 2016


For further information or suggestions, please contact info@wetnet.eu or use the following contact form

If you require further information for purchasing the product, or if you wish to be contacted by our agents, please send an email to sales@wetnet.eu or fill out the following form

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